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Searching for UK Moving Companies and free removal quotes is now fast and easy. UK Movers Directory is here to help you make the decisions for the best possible move.

Finding the best UK removal companies can be a complicated procedure. It involves research, and time you could spend else where.

With just a few clicks, UK Movers Directory and www.findmovers.co.uk will put you in contact with the Movers that know your area and have the expertise to complete your house or office move on time and within your budget.

If you need moving guides, home insurance, van hire firms, removal boxes and supply and storage companies UK Movers Directory can help with these too.
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Moving Guides and Tips

Moving Guides
- A time of major changes like the relocation period is definitely a great test for one's organizational skills

- When most people calculate their moving costs, they think about the essentials of getting from point A to B.

Moving With Kids
- Moving can be a very horrifying experience for children. Changing school, leaving friends etc.

Choosing Movers
- Be Careful When You Choose Low-ball bids could mask less reliable moving practices.

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Making a Moving Checklist

As there are numerous things you have to think about when it comes to moving into a new home one of the most useful things is a moving checklist. You can make out a moving checklist and then tick off as you complete each process. The checklist should be arranged with different time frames which go towards the moving day. By ticking off each event as you do it you can be sure that you do not forget anything. You could start the checklist based from 4 weeks before the move and then go right down to the actual day of moving.

One of the first things you need to do is to book the moving company and as there are many UK moving companies to choose from this needs to be done as early as possible and well before just 4 weeks before you move. A specialist website aimed at helping people with all aspects of moving is the best place to begin your search and you are then able to compare quotes from some of the best movers that the UK has to offer. Here is a rough guide to some of the things you could include in your list.

4 weeks before the move
  • This is when you need to begin the packing of any none essential items. By starting packing early you are not going to be leaving everything to the last minute and adding stress onto an already stressful situation by wondering if you are going to be finished packing be moving day
  • Remember to let all companies such as utility, telephone, banks e.t.c know that you are moving. There are websites where you can do this from rather than calling everyone yourself. If you are moving to a new area then you need to register to vote.
  • Take your car in for a service, this is essential if you are moving any distance and will have to drive a long way. You also need to tell the DVLA about your change of address.
1 week before the move
  • Now is the time when you need to be thinking about making arrangements for children and pets for the moving day. If children are very young then it can be easier if they stop with relatives on the day of the move. It will keep them out of harms way and they are less likely to get bored. The same goes for pets; they are safer away from the home on the actual day of the move.
  • Notify any charities that you subscribe to of your change of address and also cancel any newspaper and magazine subscriptions.
  • Take some time for yourself to visit places that you want to see for the last time before the move.
Two days before the move
  • Now is the time to empty fridges and freezers and give them a through clean after they have defrosted. Make sure that you also dry them well and leave the door open until the last minute before taping it shut.
  • Start to go through the larder and kitchen cupboards to ensure that you remove all food that is not going to be taken with you or eaten and clean up after yourself.
  • Make sure that all valuable documents are packed together such as mortgage deeds, insurance papers e.t.c
One day before the move
  • Make sure that you finish off the packing today, this should be just the few things that you left out as they were needed. Remember to label the boxes clearly so that it is easier when you reach your new home and want to unpack.
  • Ensure that you have a mobile phone to hand and that it is charged and also have a map with directions to your new home to hand.
  • Take any curtains and dismantle any chairs or items that you used and have these packed ready for tomorrow.
On the day of the move

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